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Ways to Donate

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Make A Tax-deductible Contribution Today

1-- Use JustGiving to contribute to a specific program or to the General Fund.

Remember, when you give, 75% of your contribution goes directly to program costs and helps make multicultural arts enrichment accessible for and for generations to come!



2 - What better way to support our efforts than with the gift of your patronage?

  • Contact your school PTA or community group and advocate for EAII Youth Programs

  • Attend any or all of the happenings listed in our events calendar

  • Book Manu O'o for your next event


    3 - Shop online or in-store with AmazonSmile and eScrip... 

    Use the links below to register. It's fast, it's easy and it's FREE to sign-up. Participating merchants contribute each time you make a purchase using your loyalty or credit/debit cards that you register at and There are no receipts to collect, absolutely no costs or hassles for you-and every purchase counts!

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