Global Classroom Exchange heading
Global Classroom Exchange Heading

Global Classroom Exchange delivers outcomes that seed change through citizen diplomacy: expanding the borders of learning and preparing youth for responsible global citizenship as positive change-makers.

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GCX uses technology to transcend geographic and economic boundaries and unleashes the potential of cultural diversity to empower young learners. GCX participants are paired with peers from around the globe  in “smart rooms” where they collaborate on special interest  projects inspired by UNESCO’s arts education programs. As the world seeks solutions to social, economic and environmental problems, GCX expands learning with  global perspectives on paths to peace and sustainable living. 

GCX activities include:


  • The Fiji Village Book Drive—literacy project in partnership with Fiji Ministry of Education and Department of Libraries 

  • Multicultural Dance Certification Program – Offered through UNESCO-CID Council on International Dance 

  • Resources Fiji Skilled Trades Peer Training & Mentorship. – Economic empowerment through job training and skills development


Two women hold several copies of donated childrens' books
A family in Fiji stand by the water's edge
A donor stand with executive director of EAII holding copies of childrens' books
The 3 officers of  the Fiji Arts & Culture Commission
3 people hold several copies of donated childrens' books. Stacks of books are in front of them